Tania Love

As a visual artist working with paper and drawing installation, people often told me they wanted to be wrapped in my work. Eventually it occurred to me that I could translate my drawing practice into something people could indeed wear. My drawings often come from the inspiration of looking at natural forms.

The pieces in my textile collection are carefully hand screen printed and dyed with plant based inks and dyes that I make in small batches giving priority to nuance and variation.

I forage locally for many of the plants I use such as black walnut, sumac and goldenrod and dry them for use throughout the winter. Harvesting plants at different points in the season also offers differences in the pigment concentration.

I work with high quality fibres including cotton/silk, silk and wool/silk that are ultra soft to touch. I believe in enjoying tactile every day luxury.

Reflective of my appreciation for seasonal change, I develop my pieces with curiosity and excitement and embrace the surprises that are part of the hand made process.

I received my training in Fine Arts from the University of Guelph and continued to develop my skills in the use of natural dyes through research travel to India and France. Over the past 4 years that I developed my textile collection, I’ve exhibited in numerous venues, some of which include, Harmony Arts Festival in Vancouver, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, One of a Kind and Handmade Market at 13th St. winery.

instagram: @love_walnut

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