Studio 50

Crafted with purpose and beautiful simplicity using concrete, hardwood, steel and glass, Studio50 creates Canadian-Nordic furniture and homewares, each with their own story and clever design. We are inspired by the timeless philosophy of sustainability, a reverence for quality materials, and pieces that inspire experiences.

Studio50 was officially launched in 2013 between the husband and wife team Steve and Kim Prokopowich. Unofficially the making of studio50 has been evolving over 15 years while the pair designed and built their home in Paris and the furniture and many of the home accessories throughout. Between the 2, each brings a very different approach to the design and making process but meld together to create their authentic style .

As an engineer, Steve works with math, specifics and the golden mean while Kim’s approach embraces intuition, history and what’s pleasing to her eye to define their concepts. Inspiration comes through books, nature, everyday rituals in their home, possibilities of what can be and questioning what is and why.


instagram: @studio50_ca

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