Robin Davis Studio

Robin Davis was born a creator and builder. While her artistic life may have started in a way familiar to most crayon-wielding preschoolers, her art has evolved to a place where she now claims it as her passion. Her professional career started with children’s illustration and art licensing, but her current endeavours now have her immersed in various forms of upcycled art, 3D sculptures and assemblage art, including her incredible found object robots built using reclaimed industrial items and rusty metal found objects.

Much of her studio time is now dedicated to building steampunk art, retro styled robots, and other whimsical characters, using a variety of unique mediums including found objects and treasures such as rusty metals and aged tins, reclaimed wood, recycled papers, glass, leather, antique collectibles and many other retro vintage articles.

It is with these beautiful and funky upcycled art creations where Robin has found her artistic home: “I’m in creative heaven. For years, my sketchbooks were filled with dreamt-up vintage styled robots, birds wearing funky steam-punk top hats, and old world characters. It is here and now, as I make them come to life in my “laboratory,” that I feel most awake as an artist and creator.”

Robin lives and loves in a small rural city outside Toronto, Ontario, where she resides with her husband and teenage son – and many rusty friends.


instagram: @robindavisstudio

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