HITOKOO is a line of casual women’s fashion, created by Hitoko Okada, produced in mini collections that address political and cultural narratives in handmade, limited quantities with integrated textile craft elements. Through each mini collection, Okada serves to align collectors and wearers with an expression of their core identities and to drive empowered communications within themselves and with the world around them.

Representational motifs and prints repeated throughout her work are based on concepts explored in Okada’s textile art and are generated from her drawings, stamp making and paper cut out stencils.

From concept to design; pattern to final product, each piece is hand crafted in her Hamilton based studio. She sources fine quality, natural fabrics in limited quantities. In the ethic of handcraft and small run production, she creates original pieces of contemporary wearable art.


instagram: @hitokookada
website: hitokoo.com
Photo Credit: locke-taylor.com

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