Ellingwood Soap Co.

Ellingwood Soap was created with the desire to eliminate the harsh and unnatural chemicals from the products we put on our bodies each day. We strive to use find the best all natural sustainable ingredients worldwide with the lowest impact on our environment. Using only these premium supplies, we create high quality soaps, candles and skin care products.

Michael is our perfumer and botanical expert; he is responsible for how each note hits your pallet and brings out the joy of scent. Anna is the visionary; she is responsible for how each item looks and how it feels on your skin. Together as husband and wife; we create, design and package every product we sell. We are continually growing, creating new aromas and skin care solutions, each and every day. This is our passion and we hope to be able to share it with everyone.


instagram: @ellingwood_soap_co
website: ellingwoodsoap.com

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