A few years ago, following a degree in biology and economics, Geoff Dillon found himself at a big crossroads — continue down the path of academia toward a masters degree or pursue his passion in spirits. And so he pitched it to the team that perhaps starting a distilling business would be a real world MBA. And, that along the way, everyone could be involved in the fun too.

And so Dillon’s Small Batch was born in 2011. A distillery in Beamsville Ontario with the heart and vision to restore Canada’s believe in honourable whisky and craft approaches to spirits.

To make his Gin and Vodka based spirits, Geoff sources local wine grapes and juice that would often go to waste and puts it through his custom copper pot still that he designed along side a generations old German manufacturer.

For his whisky program, Geoff hunted down Ontario and Canadian rye to craft a 100% Canadian Rye Whisky, a well anticipated product that until recently hasn’t been in the market since prohibition laid waste to Canadian quality and honourable distillation practices.

Dillon’s Small Batch has become what seems like an overnight success in terms of the local market and as interest grows abroad, the sky looks like the limit for this fantastic Niagara export.


instagram: @dillonsdistills
website: dillons.ca