Amber Aasman Jewelry

Ever since Amber was young, she was creating and selling her handmade jewelry. Her love for creating unique, natural jewelry has steadily grown into starting a small business, Wild Blue Yonder. Over the past several years, Amber has created and sold her work at dozens of events including craft shows and art events, and her work is available in several shops in Hamilton, St. Catherine’s, Ottawa and beyond.

Primarily due to her own search for unique, wearable wood jewelry, she began creating wood jewelry pieces in 2013. This was in connection with a small makers’ collective, BenchDog Collective, which Amber co-founded with four like-minded friends. Her work has grown significantly as a result of this platform for making and selling handmade work, and in 2016 she started Wild Blue Yonder in order to establish an independent, full-time, creative practice.

Wild Blue Yonder is inspired by Canadian sky and landscapes, and many pieces are created out of local bits of wood, scavenged from Amber’s hikes, canoe trips, and camping in Ontario and beyond.


instagram: @wildbluewood
etsy: WildBlueWood

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