Rock Paper Scissor Co.

This is the story of the Quilter and the Chimney Sweep who moved to the country, had two little girls and persued their love for all things hand crafted. With the decission to spend more time at home under an acre of walnut trees and in the workshop, Kelly & Andy Warne took a month off to travel to Central America with their kids, and put their visions for the future on paper. After returning from Costa Rica in March, they got straight to work and opened their country home store May 1st, outside of Paris On.

With the help of their girls, they hand pour scented all natural soy candles, build custom furniture, hand painted game boards and their third baby, the Chem Lab line which includes wax warmers and pour over coffee makers. Their dreams have become a reality due to hard work, dedication and the fact that home is where ever they are together.

Instagram: @rpscoayr

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