On a Branch Soaps

Burlington’s own Tara Patey is the founder and operator of her hand made soap company — On a Branch Soaps that has quietly been making it’s way onto the shelves of discerning retails in the area.

We asked Tara to tell us how she got started making soaps:

If asked when, how and where On a Branch Soaps began, I would have to answer that it began when I was 5 years old, making mud pies on the side of our dirt road in Newfoundland. It continued when I was 7 years old, to the great delight of my mom, by mixing her various cosmetics and toiletries together in the bathroom of the two storey house built by my grandfather. A seed was planted in my 21 year old brain by the discovery of an old soap making book found in a used bookstore in Guelph, Ontario. The confidence to mix the various ingredients required to make soap was gained from a degree in applied chemistry and biology. Many years later, inspiration was found from spending my days with two young boys that make me laugh, from the books that have been my companions since childhood and from stepping outside my front door.

On a Branch Soaps are hand crafted in small batches using a traditional soap making process. Only natural essential oils are used to scent the soaps rather than synthetic fragrance oils. Clays, herbs and botanicals are added to the soaps that not only beautify the soap but also enhance the skin-loving qualities of the soap. All skin care products such as lip butters, facial oils and moisturizers are oil based and do not require the use of chemical preservatives and stabilizers.

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