Freshly Printed

Originally from Burlington Ontario, Jen Kneulman is a textile designer/maker working in Toronto. She is a graduate of OCAD University’s Material Art and Design program where she majored in Fibre. Researching the environmentally damaging effects of traditional textile production during her thesis lead her to form the company Freshly Printed, whose mandate is to produce beautiful yet functional textiles with an emphasis on low impact production and material choice. She was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s artist-in-residency programme and awarded a scholarship in 2010.

Under the label Freshly Printed, Jen Kneulman creates printed household textiles for everyday use. Her company mandate is to create quality textiles with minimal environmental impact through conscious choices of materials and methods used. Each design is hand rendered , then transferred to a silk screen to repeat it onto multiples. The designs are printed with a non-toxic, water-based pigment onto low impact textiles, such as hemp, organic linen and organic cotton. The inspiration for Freshly Printed’s designs is often local flora and fauna, cottage living, and Canadiana. Concurrent to this lighthearted imagery are underlying themes of function, nostalgia, and environmental protection. Approaching these topics with tongue-in-cheek humour is a subtle way to broach heavier subject matter that interests Kneulman, such as ecological crisis and survivalism.